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Welcome to Charleston, South Carolina! Charleston is full of interesting sights and historical landmarks. You'll find a wonderful combination of hospitality and charm resonant of the "Old South." Whether it's the historic houses, churches, or attractions of the Downtown and Historic Districts, the extraordinary cuisine, or any of the historically significant and memorable landmarks found in this city, expect to be charmed by the romanticism of this spectacular and vibrant city. Come visit us by appointment and enjoy the extraordinary collection of rare antiques, artifacts, oriental rugs and paintings and bronzes by outstanding artists. As you'll note from the banner black and white pen and ink portrait of Rembrandt on our Home page done by artist Leonard Baskin (1922-2000), we strive to maintain high quality art by artists both international and local. Many of our artists are in private galleries, large corporate collections, private collections and museums. Come see all we have to offer, you'll be glad you did! Kirsten & Larry Ingram
(843) 789-9565, Charleston, South Carolina
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